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Things You Want To Know

Who is the “Staying Positive Personal Workshop Program” for?

The short answer is that it’s for people who prefer to look on the upside instead of the downside and who recognize that we can all use some support in doing so from time to time (like now).

We aim to help smart, aware, mindful individuals who are typically struggling with negativity in their work and/or home situations. These individuals may feel alone, while “over thinking” the toxic situation at hand and beating themselves up for not being able to solve it on their own. In the meantime, being surrounded by negativity may be taking a toll on them emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually – all but consuming them personally and professionally. Above all, the folks here are open to learning new solutions for dealing with these toxic environments and moving forward to a positive new future! Is this you or someone else you know? Click here to learn more about how we can help.

What will I receive as a member of the Staying Positive Personal Workshop Program?

  1. Weekly Staying Positive Personal Workshop lesson, offered in both written and recorded formats.
    • The written format will be a PDF packet to be printed, read, and responded to just as if you were in a personal workshop with Dr. Meggin McIntosh, Founder and Chief Positivity Officer of the Staying Positive Society. The packets will be 10 – 15 (to 20+) pages each week.
    • The recorded format will be sent as an MP3. The recordings will be 10 – 20+ minutes, which you can listen to from your computer, your iPad, or other MP3 device. You may access the recording each week as it arrives and/or later when you are ready for that particular concept. Janet S. of Tennessee said:

      “I listen to the sessions as soon as they arrive. Sometimes I wait until Sundays but usually I listen Saturday night (the day I get mine) as the last thing before I go to sleep. If I am really tired, I might need to listen again, but at least I don’t fall asleep ruminating about problems. That really IS a compliment.”

    • Weekly Activity Sheets, Exercises, and/or Mini-Posters. These will deepen your thinking, surprise you with what they reveal about you, and remind you of the practices you are ready to implement.
  1. Bonus Recordings and materials. These will be sent to you periodically to further spark and enhance your quest for positivity – maybe at just the time you really need it!
  2. A Responsive Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. Team. The team members at Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. will take care of technical questions that you have in a timely, professional, and helpful manner. You can count on that! Oh, and we’ll work with you positively, of course!

How will I obtain my weekly Personal Workshop Sessions?

You will receive a weekly email from me (plus some bonus sessions throughout the year) and you will be directed to a single web page where you can download – right from that page – both the Staying Positive Personal Workshop packet and the audio lesson. Fast and easy!

Which day of the week will I receive my Personal Workshop Session email with the PDF & recording links?

There isn’t a set “day” of the week when lessons arrive to your inbox. The auto-responder system is set to send out your lesson every 7 days from the day you sign up. So, if you signed up on a Tuesday, you can expect to receive your lesson every Tuesday. There will be a few specials here and there that arrive on other days – as a bonus, but your main Staying Positive Personal Workshop Session materials will come each week, on the same day.

How long will I receive benefits?

For 52 weeks – a full year!  And truthfully, because what you learn and experience by being part of this program will affect your personal and professional life, your benefits continue well beyond the year.

How much does it cost?

This is always a question worth asking! The membership is $197/year.

If I have questions, will there be someone to help me?

If you have questions about some aspect of your membership in the Staying Positive Personal Workshop program, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. team is ready to take care of most questions that you have in a timely, professional, and helpful manner. You can count on that. Contact Us here.

Does my membership include personal coaching?

Given the number of members and the low pricing offered to you and the other members, Meggin can’t offer coaching as part of your membership. The good news is that she has VERY carefully designed and written the Staying Positive Personal Workshop Sessions so that it is as if she were with you – offering you a personal workshop. That’s the idea and that’s what you’ll find. If you determine that you want personal coaching beyond the Staying Positive Society, get in touch with her to see what options are available.

I’m a person who likes to read more than listen. What is here for me?

Each Personal Workshop session will be written out for you, with all your materials ready to read and explore. You may expect 10 – 20 (or more) pages each session, so you will want to prepare a good-size notebook as a place to keep all of your Personal Workshop materials for easy access and retrieval.

I’m a person who likes to listen more than read. What is here for me?

Each Personal Workshop session will be recorded and accessible as an MP3. You may listen to it from your computer and/or from a portable MP3 player such as an iPhone or other such device. Generally, the recordings, which have been described as “brief, but brilliant” are 10 – 20″ long.


It allowed me to stay positive while in a poor environment!

[SPIAFOW] helps me see a different perspective from which to approach a difficult, mundane, or stale activity or process.  It allows me to stop approaching the same things the same way and expect to get different results.  It allowed me to stay positive while in a poor environment so that I could have enough control over the situation to be drawn to a more worthy and positive environment.

Karen Martin

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