PAWS (short for Pawsitivity) is the cute little guy you’ll see running through the pages of the website (and taking the occasional cat nap). Why does Paws always look so blissful? Maybe he has figured out some secrets to Staying Positive in a Freaked-Out World…

Paws’ name stems from:

P – Practical

A – Affirming

W – Words of

S – Support

And this is what you can expect from all of the Staying Positive Personal Workshops you’ll receive over the next year.  Each will be practical.  Each will be affirming.  And always, I’m on your side and giving you words of support.  I promise.

PAWS has a special message for all of us, so pay close attention:


Really.  Simply stop – for a moment.

Did you find yourself doing it just now? Did you pause as you read that? What happened as a result? Did you find something to appreciate around you – a warm breeze through your window, the aroma of something cooking that made your taste buds water, or even just the sound of your own breath? Taking the time to pause is a tiny, but important step in learning to stay positive in a freaked-out world. Each time you see Paws, take a moment to pause and be grateful.

When you enroll in our Staying Positive Personal Workshops, you will see Paws pop up in your lessons once in awhile. He’s our loyal little helper, offering up Pawsitivity tips in various lessons to add additional value to your learning experience!  Be on the lookout.

Now, click here for a reminder of all the other benefits of enrolling in our Staying Positive Personal Workshops!

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