Which Tense Do You Inhabit

A Staying Positive (in a Freaked-Out World)
Strategies and Solutions Guide

Which statement is true for you?

  • I am spending my time, energy, and attention.
  • I am squandering my time, energy, and attention.
  • I am investing my time, energy, and attention.

And which one do you want to be true?

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In this nearly 80-page Staying Positive Strategies and Solutions Guide, you will learn specific insights about where you may be squandering your precious time, energy, and attention.  You will also learn ways to keep yourself mindful and focused throughout the day – even if everyone around you is neither focused nor thoughtful. Staying Positive in a Freaked-Out World requires a unique type of mindfulness and intention.  Which Tense Do You Inhabit? helps fortify and sustain you as you move forward.

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